Alberta Provincial Pistol Champions

Alberta provincial champions and grant recipients for the year.
Grants normally go to the champion for the year, however, an athlete is only eligible for a single grant in a grant year. Furthermore, athletes must be current residents of Alberta. Nationally “carded” athletes are not eligible for provincial grants. Match results may be found online at

2018 Provincial Champions

Tugrul Ozer (Champion)
Stan Wills (Training to Win Grant)

Lynda Kiejko (Champion)
Lea Wachowich (Training to Win Grant)

Michele Esercitato


Lynda Kiejko + Ivan Ivanov

Lea Wachowich (Champion)
Elizabeth Gustafson (Training to Win Grant)

Werner Wick

Stan Wills (Champion)
Alan Markewicz (Training to Win Grant)

Werner Wick (Champion)
Kim Britton (1/4 Training to Win Grant)
Lynn Britton (3/4 Training to Win Grant)

Stan Wills (Champion)
James Geddes (Training to Win Grant)

10m Pistol Men

10m Pistol Women

10m Pistol Junior Men

10m Pistol Junior Women

10m Mixed Team

25m Pistol Women

25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men

50m Pistol

25m Center Fire Pistol

25m Standard Pistol